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9 Smart Ways to Get Maxim Cooling From Your Parking AC

Many of us, especially those living in hot areas, cannot imagine driving a car without air conditioning most of the year. In hot weather, air conditioning does more than just add comfort. You need to prevent the risk of heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat stroke.

With this in mind, there are measures that can be taken to improve the cooling effect of the car’s air conditioning system, reduce fuel consumption and reduce the possibility of failure.



1. Please open the window before entering the cab.

The internal temperature of the truck cabin can reach 50 ° C in direct sunlight. It is certainly torture for the driver to sit in a burning seat and wait for the air conditioner to cool down. To solve this problem, you can open the doors and windows in front of the cabin. Convection quickly exhausts hot air, so the air conditioner cools the cabin faster.


2. Start the parking cooler while driving.

Many people tend to start air conditioning before driving. However, this can be a waste of time and fuel. The air conditioner in your car works much more efficiently while driving, as the compressor can move faster with the rotation of the crankshaft of the engine. Opening the car doors and sunroof before driving to remove the heat inside can also speed up the cooling of the car.


3. Keep the pipe dry.

Many people like to drive air conditioner compressors and fans for long periods of time. As a result, your car will start with a supercharger and the engine will be loaded. In addition, because the temperature and humidity of the air conditioning pipe are low, mold may form on the air conditioning pipe and an odor may be generated. Drivers are advised to turn off the air conditioner before parking and activate the fans to dry the pipes and reduce the chance of mold growth.


4. Inspect the refrigerant.

Excessive use of a vehicle’s air conditioning system can lead to a gradual decrease in system refrigerant, primarily due to leaks. Insufficient refrigerant in the air conditioner can reduce performance, especially at high temperatures. Consider checking every 6-12 months to make sure they are at optimal levels and your system is leak free.


5. Keep the AC condenser clean.

AC capacitors are usually located in front of the car, just behind the grill. This is a component for recooling the air conditioning refrigerant by releasing excess heat into the airflow that passes through it. However, dirt and debris can build up and clog the airflow path, resulting in a significant reduction in cooling efficiency. Check and clean regularly to maintain the best condition.


6. Inspect the AC filter.

Worn and dirty air filters are usually one of the leading causes of car air conditioner failure. As the name implies, it prevents foreign matter such as dust, dirt, and pollen from entering the system. It may become clogged over time and should be replaced on a regular basis.

If you do not replace the old air filter in your car, the air conditioning system will have to work hard to push the air out, increasing fuel consumption and reducing cooling capacity.


7. Window shades.

The less sunlight you get in your car, the less you need to turn on the air conditioner to keep the temperature low. Modern car glass is effective in blocking  UV and infrared light, but it rarely blocks visible light. When it passes through the glass, it is converted to infrared rays and heats the inside while being trapped inside.

Installing blinds is a very affordable way to limit the amount of heat stored. Of course, before entering the blind market, you should check  your local law to make sure that what you are buying is not illegal in your jurisdiction.


8. Park smartly.

If possible, try parking your car in the shade. Most of the heat that enters a car comes in the form of radiation, so constant protection from direct sunlight can mean a temperature difference of up to 30 degrees.

If you can’t find a shade to park your car, you can easily open the window of your parked car, as long as you don’t risk parking in the designated area. By circulating air throughout the car, you can prevent the inside of the car from getting hot like any other case.


9. Have your car inspected in time.

Whatever your vehicle, it will perform best if properly maintained. Have your car checked and serviced by a specialist on a regular basis to ensure that your car’s air conditioning system is functioning optimally. Make sure all the various components and hoses are functioning properly, check for leaks and damage, and repair or replace if necessary.

Demand tends to be highest during the summer, so pre-booking care services can benefit from lower prices and shorter waiting times.



No matter how hot the outside temperature is, following these tips will keep your car cool. In addition, it contributes to long-term savings by reducing fuel payments and the cost of repairing or replacing parts related to automotive air conditioning systems. If you find the content of this article useful, please share it with others who may find it useful.

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