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Can You Use RV Air Conditioner While Driving?

Can I use the air conditioner while driving? First, you can use the RV air conditioner while driving. This includes both roof air conditioning and dashboard air conditioning. However, depending on the power supply you are using, you may only be able to use the dash air conditioner.


It’s true that you can use the air conditioner while driving a camper, but there are some things you need to know about an RV air conditioner.


Using RV Air Conditioning While Driving:


RVs are very important, especially during the summer, as they are the only ones designed to keep you cool. No one wants to sweat at the campsite.


1. Dash Air Conditioning

There are fewer questions about RV dashboard air conditioning. Many people automatically assume that you can use the air conditioner in your dash, which is true.


The in-dash air conditioner includes vents in front of the RV’s driver and passenger seats. It blows air for cooling, like all other car dash air conditioners. Questions about the use of roof air conditioners are asked more often.


2. Rooftop Air Conditioning

Rooftop air conditioning is the air conditioning that covers most of your RV. Aside from the driver and passenger side, the rooftop air conditioning covers all the lounging areas including the table area, couch area, bed area, and whatever is included in your personal RV.


Because the rooftop air conditioning is responsible for a larger area, it requires much more power in comparison to the dash air conditioning.


The Rooftop air conditioning can be used while driving very easily. However, there are some things to take into account with its use.



Rooftop Air Conditioning Considerations


Before you do anything, you need to know what you’re crazy about. The same applies to RV air conditioners. Here’s what you need to know about the rooftop air conditioner:


1. Use gas.

While using the rooftop air conditioner, use more gas than if not. However, there are options that you simply do not use. There is not much dramatic difference in fuel economy.


2. The RV is not cooled by using only the dash air conditioner.

This is an important point as many people are thinking of giving up using the air conditioning on the roof. This is one possibility. However,  using the rest of the RV, you’ll find that the dash A/C isn’t very effective.


You need to use the roof air conditioner while driving the camper. It’s completely safe to use and will cool you for what might be a long journey. Air conditioners are allowed while driving. It is also important to know the power source used by the air conditioner.



Different Generators Used for Your RV Air Conditioning:


A common power source for RV air conditioners is a generator. The generator is easy to use and saves you from sweating in the heat of summer.


The three most commonly used types of generators (especially on rooftop air conditioners) are:


(1) An RV generator.RV generators are often under a visible location near the driver’s license door. If you don’t have enough air conditioning in the dash, just switch it on and start it up.

(2) One medium-sized inverter generator. If your RV does not have an RV generator, you will need to use a different generator. The generator should be at least 2,800 watts.

(3) Two small Inverter Generators. Medium-sized inverter generators are very heavy and difficult to move, so a common solution is to buy two small generators. This gives you the same amount of performance and is surprisingly cheap.

These are some simple generators that help cool your RV. However, there are other ways to cool the RV without an air conditioner.


Tips on Keeping Your RV Cool:


During the summer, I feel like doing almost anything to stay cool while sitting in a scorching RV. The next time you feel that way, here are some ways to cool your RV.


(1) Use RV floor insulation cover. When the engine is running under the floor, it produces a lot of heat at your feet. Covering the floor with an insulating cover helps cool the RV and dissipate the heat generated under the RV.

(2) Close the window cover. Close the blinds and place the curtain or screen. This makes a big difference, especially in such a small room.

(3) Please turn on the air conditioner before you start your trip. It is beneficial to cool the camper before leaving. Thus, the air conditioner works better when you start driving.

(4) Park in the shade. Again, it’s important to stay away from the sun as it has an extreme effect on the temperature of the RV. It helps you with the temperature of your RV.

(5) Barbecue and cooking outside. This can seem like a hassle, as your RV has so many great utensils to cook. However, turning on the cookware will increase the temperature of the RV.

(6) Go somewhere cool. If you’re traveling in the summer, it might be a good idea to go somewhere cool. The cooler the place you go, the easier it will be to keep your RV cool.


Your air conditioner can definitely cool your RV, but it’s good to have it rest from time to time. You will find that taking these precautions will reduce the frequency of using the air conditioner.

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