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Four Types of Mobile Home Air Conditioner Systems

Camping in a mobile home is the most practical option. When the summer heat gets intolerable both inside and outside the camper van, this experience frequently turns unpleasant. To make the space more livable, you might need to add an air conditioner.


Purchasing an air conditioning unit is probably a wise decision for people who dislike sweating or being too hot and have the money to do so. However, no one enjoys being hot and uncomfortable when on vacation.



Considerations Before Installing Camper Air Conditioner

Before selecting the best air conditioning system for your motorhome, ask yourself a few questions:


♦ How much are you willing to spend on a new motorhome air conditioning installation project?

♦ How large is your motorhome?

♦ To run the air conditioning unit on your motorhome, how much power does it need?

♦ In what weather conditions will you be using your recreational vehicle most often?

♦ What type of air conditioner will be installed – on the roof or inside?

♦ Permanent or portable air conditioner?


Some air conditioners come with added features such as air purifiers and heating. If you plan to use your motorhome often in cooler weather or during hay fever season, air conditioners that use refrigerant may be a good option for you.



Different Types of Mobile Home Air Conditioning Systems


1. Rooftop Air Conditioning


You might be considering how to stay cool and comfortable throughout the warmest months of the year as summer approaches. We frequently hear from owners or occupants of mobile homes that they don’t believe air conditioning will work for them.


We’re pleased to inform you that this is untrue. In fact, when the temperature starts to rise, there are a few different ways you can enjoy ice-cold air inside your mobile home.


2. Window AC Unit


Start with the choice that is least appealing. Yes, a mobile house can use a window air conditioner. But it’s not always the greatest choice. The air conditioners are noisy, have a small cooling capacity, and use a lot of energy. You might need many units to cool different rooms, which would increase your expenses.


3. Central Air Conditioning


In most circumstances, you can add a central air conditioner if you have a forced-air furnace for heating. The heat from the inside of the house is transported by this unit to an outdoor unit, where it is expelled. The air is then distributed throughout the house utilizing the ductwork that already exists. Popular and frequently economical options are central air conditioners.


4. Ductless Mini-Split Unit


A mini-split unit would be a better option if your mobile home doesn’t currently have ducting installed. These systems have a tiny unit outside that is directly connected to an inside unit, and they are installed on the wall. These units are fantastic because they’re small, simple to install, and provide you with more options for cooling your mobile home.


5. Packaged Air Conditioner System


A common option for cooling mobile homes is packaged air conditioning, which is last but by no means least. The compressor, coils, and air handler are all included in an all-in-one system, which is installed outdoors. It occupies less interior area because there isn’t an indoor unit. Installing ducts for a packaged AC system may be necessary, depending on the design of your property.




Why not use the cab air conditioner?


The cab air conditioning only works when the engine’s running, so it is only practical when you are on the road. The other reason is that the cab air conditioning system is not designed to work in a large open area; the motorhome’s large open spaces will not be cooled effectively with this type of system.

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