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Four Profitable Business Ideas for Refrigerated Vans

Refrigerated vans and other temperature-controlled vehicles continuously improve supply chains’ output and quality in a variety of industries. Usually used by huge corporations to deliver goods, refrigerated vehicles can also be useful on a smaller scale. The greatest option for small businesses that don’t need or want a big, insulated truck is a refrigerated van.
A van doesn’t need as much power as a truck, nor do you need a special license to drive one. In contrast to bigger reefer trucks, a refrigerated van’s smaller size also makes it simpler to unload and reload goods. Transporting items that are sensitive to temperature, such as flowers, food, and furniture, safely and with less danger of damage is made possible by temperature-controlled trucks.
By purchasing refrigerated vans, business owners may easily alter the timing, scheduling, and temperature of cargo deliveries. Explore these small company ideas that require refrigerated vans if you’re thinking about using insulated transportation to boost business productivity.

Floral Businesses

A refrigerated van is a wise investment if your business delivers flowers locally and you want to maintain the freshness of your blooms. A refrigerated van’s insulated compartments maintain the proper temperature to keep flowers from drooping or turning discolored. Additionally, a refrigerated van of the right size can transport flowers between places.

Meal Programs

A community’s many sites will receive fresh meals thanks to the work of meal program coordinators. An insulated truck can relieve the added stress of delivering meals before they spoil because meal programs are time-sensitive and frequently service many sites in a day. Additionally, a refrigerated van guarantees that the groups and citizens you serve receive nutritious food.


Art and Antique Dealers

A refrigerated van can be used to transport goods for small novelty enterprises like antique or fine art shops. Materials that are sensitive to heat and humidity are frequently used in antiques and fine art. Before they arrive at the gallery or store, paintings or antique furniture may suffer harm if they are kept in a hot environment. These delicate objects are safely transported in a refrigerated van, maintaining their integrity.


Catering Companies

The advantages of a refrigerated van extend to even modest catering businesses. By preserving the temperature at which your foods were first produced, a temperature-controlled food catering van protects the flavor and texture of your meals.
By avoiding the need for extra storage or delivery preparation, maintaining the right temperature of the food can save your catering company time. Additionally, a temperature-controlled vehicle enables your small business to go farther and attract more customers.
Although perishable food is the most common cargo shipped in refrigerated vans, these insulated vehicles are a flexible mode of transportation that provide advantages to a variety of businesses. Your one-stop shop for all your needs relating to refrigerated vehicles is Emerald Transportation Solutions. Check out our range of refrigerated vans to make the most of your cargo’s transportation.



• Advantages of Refrigerated Van

It’s understandable why business owners are concerned about revenues given the ongoing swings in trade, fuel prices, and the automobile sector. However, reefer vans do provide a number of benefits.

1. Higher Charge Rates

The days of merely moving dry commodities are over. You can now move a complete van’s worth (see what we did there?) of additional goods.
This enables your business to explore new markets and attract new customers. The Commercial Carrier Journal reports that in June 2016, the average transportation cost per mile for reefer vans was $2.02; the cost per mile for dry vans was approximately $1.97.
That may not seem like a significant profit margin, but when you consider the wide range of customers you can serve with a refrigerated van, it quickly adds up.

2. Flexibility

Possibilities are endless when you have a fleet of these vans.
Since many vans have different cooling settings, more clients can be served and more goods may be transported.
Additionally, you will pay less overall and enjoy better gas mileage.
Last but not least, the typical vehicle offers a temperature range between 32 and roughly 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, that range can be extended thanks to customizing options.

3. High Demand

Transporting commodities that depend on temperature is becoming more and more popular worldwide.
The demand won’t slow down if you have a fleet of these vans. In fact, we don’t think you’ll need to worry about more customers at all.

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