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How Does A Truck AC System Work Overnight?

• How A Truck Air Conditioner Works While Driver Sleeps

The air conditioner in the truck is the same as the air conditioner in your car. The engine drives the compressor needed to operate the air conditioning system. If the engine is not running, the compressor will not be powered and the air conditioner will not work. To use the truck’s air conditioner while the driver is asleep, the engine must be running. Most idling diesel truck engines use about 1 gallon of fuel per hour.


It is costly to keep a truck idling day and night due to fuel and other engine wear, and it is illegal to do so in many places.


For the above reasons, many modern trucks are equipped with an “APU” (auxiliary power unit) equipped with a small diesel engine that drives an air conditioner installed in a sleeping compartment that operates independently of the truck’s engine. It has been. It may also include a diesel-powered heater for the winter and an alternator that supplies AC power via an inverter. Electricity for moving electrical accessories in a sleeping car, such as microwaves and coffee pots.


Some are battery-powered to operate these systems and are equipped with a computer controller that periodically starts the truck’s engine to recharge the battery.



• Difference Between No Idle Air Conditioning and Traditional Truck Air Conditioners


Truck sleeper air conditioners, also known as no-idle air conditioners, have become more and more popular among truck drivers in recent years. Before truck sleeper air conditioners, people choose traditional air conditioners. This is an engine-powered air conditioner only if the vehicle’s engine is on and the air conditioning system can be turned on. With more comfortable driving demands, truck sleeper air conditioners have left the market and are becoming more and more popular among drivers.


Therefore, the biggest difference between a truck sleeper air conditioner and a conventional air conditioner is the electric type. Pure alternating current with a voltage of 12V or 24V is not an idle air conditioner, its power source is a truck battery. On the contrary,  traditional air conditioners are similar to OEM or original air conditioners for trucks and vehicles. It consumes more fuel and depends on the engine.



• How A Truck Air Conditioner (AC) Works


1. High-pressure liquid refrigerant flows through the expansion valve, causing a sudden pressure drop.

2. Due to the pressure drop, the boiling point of the refrigerant drops and the refrigerant evaporates.

3. Thanks to the blower motor/fan, the evaporation in the evaporator absorb heat from the warm air flowing through it.

4. Low-pressure refrigerant steam returns to the AC compressor via the line/

5. The compressor compresses. Push the refrigerant under high pressure into the condenser.

6. The refrigerant becomes liquid again in the condenser. Heat is released from the inside air flowing through the grill to the outside air.

7. High-pressure liquid flows back into the expansion valve and this cycle repeats.

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