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How to Choose a Suitable Parking Air Conditioner

1. Rooftop, Back-Wall Mounted, or Under the Bench?


Parking air conditioners can be divided into rooftop air conditioners, rear wall air conditioners, and under-seat air conditioners according to the installation type.


Roof-mounted air conditioners usually look beautiful and cool quickly. It can be mounted on almost all types of vehicles, especially RVs, RVs and trailers.


Back-wall mounted ac units, featured with easy installation and space-saving, are suitable for agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and of course all kinds of trucks. If you can’t install a roof air conditioner because the car roof is sloping, or if you want to save on the sunroof, a rear wall-mounted air conditioner is the best choice.


The under-seat air conditioner is typically conveniently located under the bench seat area of a camper or caravan, providing an efficient and space-saving air conditioning solution for small vehicles.


2. 12V, 24V, or 220V?


12V / 24V air conditioners are widely used in trucks, vans, and RVs. They are safer and more convenient, so they also require a lot of power and battery capacity.


The 220v parking cooler can be connected to the main power supply when parking in the caravan camp, but in the absence of an external power supply, it relies on a large capacity reverse battery for a short period of time, so it must be used with a generator for a long period of time.

3. Original Air Conditioner or Aftermarket Air Conditioner?


Studies show that almost half of the long-distance drivers spend the night in the car while passing. Traditional air conditioners are engine driven, so using an original air conditioner not only consumes more fuel, but also carries risks such as exhaust gas pollution, engine wear, and driver carbon monoxide poisoning. Since the auxiliary air conditioner is battery-powered,  it is not affected even if you park for a long time, and you can flexibly adjust the temperature and humidity inside the car. As a result, parking air conditioners have been extremely popular since their inception and have become almost a popular product in the heavy truck market.


This product is in demand, but the parking air conditioner market is still in turmoil. The industry is in the early stages of development, there are no mandatory standards and it is not an essential part of the vehicle. Very few vehicles are equipped with auxiliary air conditioners in factories, and currently, very few high-end models are equipped with auxiliary air conditioners as standard equipment.


And 70% -80% of drivers choose aftermarket air conditioners for their vehicles because of their low price and high performance. However, aftermarket air conditioners come in different brands and assembled products of different qualities and services. Reliable air conditioner suppliers offer professional service as well as high-quality air conditioners.



4. Other Factors.


There is no perfect truck air conditioner, but a match is perfect. The following factors can also be considered when choosing the right air conditioning system for your car:


(1) Vehicle type. Each vehicle has a different cabin size, and the larger the cabin, the higher the cooling capacity required.


(2) Ambient temperature. Ambient temperature plays a major role in the choice of the parking air conditioner.


(3) Dimensions of AC unit. This is a matter of aesthetics and cabin space.


(4) Skylight dimensions. If your air conditioner is larger or smaller than the skylight, you may need to upgrade your car. However, if you don’t want to change the look of your vehicle, choose those air conditioners that will fit the roof windows of almost all types of vehicles.


(5) Air volume. If you are looking for an air cooler for your bus, the air volume is a factor to consider as the bus space is larger than other vehicles. The higher the air volume, the faster the air conditioner can cool the cab.

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