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How to Choose A Suitable Truck Refrigeration Unit

truck refriegration unit
With the increasing growth of online shopping and the emergence of online trading platforms, it is advantageous for drivers to do a thorough comparison of various brands and machine kinds when attempting to purchase a freezing unit for their vehicle. But making judgments can be difficult when there are too many options. What is the best way to choose the ideal cooling unit online?


1. Get to Know Your Vehicle and Cargoes


You must first have a thorough understanding of your vehicle. For trucks, vans, trailers, and recreational vehicles (RVs), there are various freezer unit types. Additionally, you must select a freezing unit with a different capacity if the radius and vehicle size change. The needed capacity increases as the radius and vehicle size increase. For the transportation of fresh goods, a freezer with a temperature range of -5 C to 25 C is adequate. Choose a freezer with a temperature between -18 °C and 25 °C if the cargo is frozen, though.


2. Set A Budget for The Refrigeration Unit


Second, you need to establish a reasonable budget because there are so many truck refrigeration unit vendors in the world. Brands have different price ranges, but being costly is not always a good thing. Our key priorities are quality and cost performance.



3. Find A Reliable Supplier or Distributor


Third, it’s crucial to locate a trustworthy distributor or provider. You can only obtain good pre-sales and after-sales service in this way. Professional sales services not only assist you in making the best freezing unit selection but also in performing correct freezing unit maintenance. Your crew will be professional because of your depth of expertise. The after-sales support team at Kingcliam, which is based in the transportation hub of China’s Zhengzhou, has a plethora of service and training experience. You may take advantage of international services with Kingclima’s global distribution network without leaving your car.



4. How to Choose Refrigerated Truck


The chassis, compartments, and refrigerator are often the three key factors to take into account when purchasing a refrigerated truck. These are also the three components of a refrigerated vehicle that are most crucial.


4.1 Selection of refrigerated truck chassis

Selecting a chassis is not that difficult. You can only choose truck chassis that adhere to legally mandated truck sales announcements, regardless of tonnage, homegrown truck chassis, or imported truck chassis. When it comes to truck chassis, there isn’t much difference between purchasing a chilled body and a mandatory maker, depending on the user’s own financial capability and aesthetic preferences.

4.2 Truck refrigeration body

To various refrigeration agencies, different items must be sent. You must therefore learn to identify the level of the superstructure and freezing transport freezing unit quality. Such B. Fresh meat refrigeration bodies ought to be attached to the truck’s frame. Trucks with multiple temperature zones are significantly superior and are widely available for purchase in a range of small shops. Ice cream should be transported in refrigerators with bodies that are thicker than those found in standard refrigerators. Users can therefore alter themselves in accordance with the demands and specifications of expert manufacturers.


4.3 Selection of refrigerated truck refrigeration units

4.3.1 According to the dimension of the refrigerated body to select: 

Both self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient truck freezing units are available to customers. When deciding between a direct motor drive freezing unit and a diesel engine freezing unit, freezing truck capacity is a crucial consideration. In general, choosing a freezing unit with a diesel engine is ideal for body lengths greater than 6 meters. The length of the vehicle body should be taken into consideration while choosing the freezing unit. In contrast, it makes more sense to select a non-independent freezing unit if the vehicle body is less than 6 meters long. Regardless of the freezing unit type you select, the truck’s freezing body can reach a temperature of -20 °C.


4.3.2 According to the products temperature requirement in the refrigerated truck transport process to select

You have the option of a fresh cooling unit or a freezer unit. The freezer is more expensive than the fresh one from a financial standpoint. Cheaper, brand-new equipment is unable to finish defrosting by itself. Some new product vendors exaggerated, but these claims are unbelievable, that new products can be tens of degrees below zero.

For your convenience, the following form includes a list of some common commodities’ required transit temperatures. When using specified temperatures, modify the temperature to suit the demands of the product’s recipient or carrier.

Descriptions Temperature setting range Running mode
Banana 15℃ 60 F Continuous
Fruit and vegetables 4℃ to 6℃ 39F to 43F Continuous
Fresh meat or seafood 2℃ 36F Auto. start, Auto. off or continuous
Dairy 2℃ to 6℃ 36F to 43F Auto. start, Auto. off or continuous
Ice -20℃ -4F Auto. start, Auto. off
Frozen fruit or vegetables -18℃ 0F Auto. start, Auto. off
Frozen meat or seafood -20℃ -4F Auto. start, Auto. off
Ice cream -25℃ -13F Auto. start, Auto. off


4.3.3 According to the distribution range of refrigerated trucks to select:

You must select a fan-type freezing machine if you wish to use a refrigerated truck for point-to-point ice cream distribution in the city. Long-distance deliveries can be made using refrigeration units powered by diesel engines.


4.3.4 According to the original places and brands of refrigeration units:

Truck freezing unit buyers have the option of purchasing either imported or domestic brands. In addition, whether it is a local or international truck freezing unit, the temperature sensor must always be positioned in the return air location of the evaporator. A difference of 5 °C is indicated as a result of the air return and air outlet’s dissimilar locations.


4.3.5 Choosing the right installation place for the truck refrigeration unit

Based on the type of truck, the freezing unit’s position ought to be determined. In general, front-mount truck refrigeration units or roof-mount refrigeration units are the most popular options.

The manufacturer will produce the refrigerated truck in accordance with the buyer’s specifications after choosing the chassis, refrigeration unit, and refrigeration body based on the references mentioned above. Additionally, fees, insurance, licensed professional sales, and all buyer purchasing activities. The user can then use the refrigerated truck to convey the items directly by road after completing these stages.

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