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How To Convert A Van Into A Refrigerated Van

1. What is necessary for a refrigerated van


Refrigerated vans are very useful for a variety of businesses and you may have decided that your business can benefit from this facility. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or even a hobby mechanic, you may feel that you can reasonably turn a standard light commercial vehicle into a refrigerated van.


There are two systems that make up the refrigeration system for refrigerated vans, both of which are equally important. They are the insulation system and the actual cooling mechanism. The refrigeration system works by taking in the heat energy in the storage space of the refrigeration van and releasing it to the outside air. Insulation prevents further heat ingress. Together, they ensure that the temperature inside the refrigerated van drops to a refrigerated state, ensuring the safe transportation of the food or other products being transported.


Here you can find tips for every individual refrigerated van conversion. You will receive a detailed conversion process and conversion kit to convert your van and van model to a professional refrigerated car at a minimal cost.



2. How to build a refrigerated van


Step 1: Insulation

The thin metal walls of a regular van easily transfer heat. If you have a very hot climate and want to modify your refrigerated van yourself, insulating the van is the first process. Good insulation is paramount to temperature control. A well-insulated van will be a successful remodeling of a refrigerated van. This makes the van an ideal vehicle for transporting refrigerated products.

In general, there are two optional materials used to modify refrigerated vans:

· Insulating boards

Some people use extruded Styrofoam Insulation panels for their own modifications. This material has excellent insulation capacity against extreme temperatures. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it is ideal for do-it-yourself refrigerated vans. It usually takes a day or more to complete the entire installation process. Take great care to cover every corner of the van with insulation. This is because gaps can allow outside air to enter the compartment.


Foil insulation is a common material in refrigerated van modifications, but it is not recommended for use in hot ambient environments as it is not effective enough to stop heat transfer.


· Insulating boxes

Using a well-insulated box is the easiest and most time-saving way to convert a regular van into a refrigerated van. Fully customizable, flexible, affordable, and reliable. The insulation system prevents further heat ingress. Along with the refrigerated transporter cooling system, it ensures that the temperature inside the converted transporter drops to a cooled state.



Step 2: Refrigeration

A refrigeration unit is a must-have installation in the conversion of refrigerated vans. It determines whether the converted van will maintain the desired temperature correctly or not, especially in high ambient environments of up to 30° Celsius.


Before you start installing a refrigeration system, you need to think about what products you will deliver, and their desired temperature– chilling (+4 degrees C for chilling) or freezing (-25 degrees C for freezing, etc.). Today’s vans come in a wide range of sizes (from 3m³ to 22m³). You are going to purchase the right refrigeration unit to satisfy the temperature required by the cargoes. Here is a list of van chiller and freezer systems with recommended box volume and temperature range.


The effective operation of the van freezer system is absolutely essential for the operation of the converted refrigerated van. Vans with a freezer system can be used to deliver fresh, chilled or frozen products.


The refrigeration system must be precisely calibrated for the specific type of van it is installed in.


The insulation system and refrigeration mechanism are equally important. Together they make up the refrigeration system in a refrigerated van and ensure the safe transport of fresh, chilled, and frozen products.

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