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How to Extend the Service Life of Truck Refrigeration Unit?


1. Regularly check and maintain the truck’s refrigeration system.


The heart of the cold chain is the refrigeration unit. The operating parameters of your freezer have a direct impact on the safe and efficient transport of temperature-sensitive goods, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. While not difficult, routine maintenance can be laborious and uninteresting. On the other hand, routine maintenance and prompt inspections can prevent costly losses due to equipment failure or damage to goods. Here are some guidelines for servicing your truck freezer system. Maintain your refrigeration system regularly.


The three components that need to be checked regularly on a refrigerated truck are the battery, starter, and alternator. The frequency of shutdown and start-up performed by your truck’s refrigeration unit can affect the lives of these three components as they are often used and degrade quickly. For your truck refrigeration unit, you can install a backup system in addition to routine inspection and maintenance.

Pay special attention to small things like the filter, fuel, and air. To ensure that the cooling system is working properly, check it regularly. Delivery problems can be caused by cracks in the fuel tank, filter, or body, all of which are easy to overlook. Also, check your equipment regularly. Plus dangerous and often overlooked defects in tires, doors and other accessories. To avoid driving problems and to ensure deliveries are not delayed by minor issues, always check your truck’s freezer.



2. Keep your vehicles running in good condition.


The condition of your vehicle is essential for the efficient use of refrigeration units, no matter what type of refrigeration equipment you use. It’s important to keep your car beautiful inside and out. To avoid problems during delivery, regularly check the battery, filter, piping, and truck cooler. To ensure your goods are not contaminated, the interior walls should also be cleaned regularly.



3. Precool your box before uploading.


In order for the product to maintain its post-harvest shelf life and minimize the effects of aging on its marketing, pre-cooling is essential. Therefore, pre-cooling your truck’s cooler for a few hours before loading will help keep your cargo cool.


Pre-cooling is an important step in the process of transporting refrigerated goods. Before loading, the goods and boxes must be cooled first. Pre-cooling is used to keep temperature-sensitive goods cool while reducing heat in the field. For cans, pre-cooling can help maintain the right temperature for perishables ahead of time and increase delivery efficiency. Without pre-cooling, you risk your truck chiller consuming more energy, increasing your costs and reducing your profits. Your temperature-sensitive furniture can be damaged beyond repair in the worst-case scenario. Cannot be refrigerated immediately. So, when preparing to transfer some type of freight, be well prepared.



4. Loading and unloading cargoes in the right way.


Before downloading and unloading, check your box to make sure cold air is not leaking. Then move things around as quickly as possible to prevent hot currents from leaking out of your box. A more reliable and efficient alternative is to install a backup system in your truck cooler or in an already built-in refrigeration unit. The truck chiller with the built-in backup system can operate independently and use its own energy when parking or loading and unloading, saving you money and energy while improving efficiency and safety. all for your delivery.



5. Install a high-quality truck reefer unit.


Even as the quality of products changes, truck freezer operations are booming. Your operation will be safer and more efficient if you choose a high-quality refrigeration unit for your truck. It will also help keep your car from being damaged by poor-quality goods.

How Long Can A Refrigerated Truck Work Before Refueling


When a refrigerated truck is required for your business’s operations, you can’t stop for too long. Food, medicines, and other valuables must get to their destinations swiftly to avoid spoiling. Therefore, whether you have to drive short or large distances, you need to be aware of how long refrigeration trucks can maintain their cool before refilling.


1. Consider How Refrigerated Trucks Operate

We must first consider the cooling system of the truck, whose parts all work together to keep the load cold. Compressors, condensers, and evaporators that trade fluids and gases to chill the interiors are standard equipment on refrigerator trucks. Additionally, keep in mind that the insulation will prevent your truck from going through any unsettling temperature changes; it stops cool air from escaping the truck and keeps hot air within. It’s critical to repair this system because these components are essential for climate control, as doing so will ensure that your car performs at its best.


2. Focus on the Fuel

Diesel fuels refrigeration trucks, making them strong and fuel-efficient machines. But how long can chilled vehicles maintain their cold temperatures before refueling? Frequently, refrigeration trucks can operate without refilling for two to three days. In the end, it comes down to how frequently you open the truck and how you maintain the truck’s systems. If you open the trailer doors frequently, you use more fuel. Keep in mind to regularly check your truck for broken parts and to keep the tank as full as you can between trips. You don’t want to experience downtime when you have time-sensitive deliveries, as we previously indicated.

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