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How to Start A Cold Chain Logistics Business?

The first thing a beginner needs to consider is the idea of cold chain logistics, make a list of prospective clients to whom you can pitch your service. Out of all sorts out those who will support your service definitely since its a rough world and if there is tough competition always the newcomers have to suffer.


Understand the required service of the interested client i.e. from A to B and after that whether further distribution is required or the conclusion of the trip is done. According to that set a blueprint, start looking for the further requirements viz talented drivers, quotations for the refrigeration units, trucks, etc. Also, ask for a work order from the client. If you have no experience in the truck industry, work orders can help you get a higher funding rate, as credit approval can account for almost 65-70% of the total cost. In such cases, issuing work instructions for a reputable party can help grow the overall approved funding.


Once the loan is approved, get a truck or van and install a freezing unit. Keep in touch with the client throughout the process to meet the deadline set for the vehicle that the client must provide. Once you start the cycle, it’s all about completing the financial cycle by paying EMI and other costs from the generated income.


And there are some tips that might be useful:


1. What is Cold Chain?


The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products food (vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, dairy products), Flowers and plants, and Bio-pharmaceutical products under controlled conditions for longer periods.


A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It`s a process since it involves performing a chain of tasks to prepare, store, and transport products along the cold supply chain. Failure to keep cold chain products cold will render them unusable, which leads to a wastage of the products. When cold products go bad, both the shipper and their client lose money.


Areas of expertise in the cold chain business include:

· Refrigerated Lease to Companies Providing Fresh Food

· Cold  Chain Consulting

· Road, Rail, Air, Water Refrigerated/Refrigerated Transportation Services

· Manufacturing Refrigerated Trucks and Building Van Bodies

· Building Cold Storage


Cold Manufacture or delivery of equipment to store owners – Equipment such as shelves and storage, material handling, refrigeration equipment, and many other types of accessories used in cold stores and temperature-controlled transportation: Temperature Controlled Logistics Service Providers to Facilitate Work: Data Logger, Robotics, Automation. Data loggers are in high demand in the temperature-controlled logistics/cold chain industry to control accurate temperatures throughout the cold chain process.



2. Successful Cold Chain Business

 For entrepreneurs who know what they are doing, running a cold chain business can be a very lucrative business. You can run your business like a cold store.


Today, cold chains are common in the food and pharmaceutical industry and some chemical transport. But when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, pandemics have suddenly brought the sector into the limelight, increasing the demand for temperature-sensitive vaccines.


And food waste is a difficult and serious problem in the world. Food waste is a major problem in countries around the world, whether in developed or developing countries. Also, if the cold chain is properly and consistently established and applied, a fully functional cold chain will succeed in preventing and reducing food loss

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