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KINGCLIMA RV Vehicle Air Conditioner Dealer

Do you travel a lot? there are more opportunities for those who like to travel. There are actually has many ways to travel outside. Choosing an RV travel means: choosing a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, and it is even more Choose a life attitude that takes life seriously, so the comfort of the RV is particularly important, and the RV air conditioner is closely related to the comfort of the camper. For the users of the RV, no matter what the weather is, Kingclima vehicle air conditioners can provide the perfect temperature inside the RV at any time to accompany the outdoor travel of RV users.



Kingclima AC brand, as a domestic professional car electric air conditioner manufacturer, is committed to providing customers with professional electric air conditioner services. For different user groups, the customized electric air conditioner services we provide can be used to meet different car needs. For air conditioner user groups, car air conditioners are the core components. So far, KINGCLIMA’s car air conditioners have been exported to Mexico, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Brazil, Philippines, UK, Belgium and other countries. And  as the top selling vehicle air conditoners,it has received unanimous praise from customers in other countries.


Installation dc air conditioner rv  feedback from Belgian customers:


For users traveling in RVs, how to choose the right RV air conditioner?


In terms of selection, RV air conditioners can generally be divided into top-mounted air conditioners and bottom-mounted air conditioners. They are easy to install, take up less space, and provide more efficient cooling and heating. They are designed to meet the air conditioning needs of different RV models.


Aiming at various problems encountered during RV travel, we highly recommend that you could choose KINGCLIMA AC Coolpro 2800C when selecting an RV air conditioner:


CoolPro2800C model as the most popular and hot selling model in CoolPro series has its unique apperance. Roof mounted types, with extra slim and compact design. The Coolpro2800C can be used for camper, RV, motorhome etc. Very easy to install and only takes 30 minutes to get all set.


Advantages of CoolPro2800C RV Air Conditioner:


(1) Extra slim and compact design of 18cm height.


(2) Fully electric system. There is no need to start the engine to provide power when parking. Very low power consumption min 300W, with ECO mode to save electricity. The maximum cooling capacity of 2,800w /9,660BTU, which can fully meet the cooling demand in the RV. Applicable to 14”x14” roof vents without separate holes.


(3) Air outlet plate height only 4cm. Injection molded, anti-aging, no deformation, air conditioner internal insulation layer is made of environmentally friendly materials and flame retardant, green travel. With voltage protection function, the battery voltage is automatically disconnected when the battery voltage is low to the minimum starting voltage of the vehicle.


So sums up, when you travel in an RV, especially in summer or winter in warm areas in the south, after the vehicle is parked in the sun for a period of time, the temperature inside the vehicle will rise sharply, to a certain extent It affects people’s body temperature, so it is very necessary to use the RV air conditioner to adjust the internal temperature of the RV to keep it within an optimum temperature range and improve the user’s comfort experience.


Why you need to choose Coopro2800C air conditioner for your RV-BY KINGCLIMA


(1) According to the voltage requirements of different vehicles, the range of voltage used is 12V power supply, 24V power supply and 48V power supply. In actual use, there is no need to turn on the inverter, and the power supply is powered by the battery.


(2) The length, width and height of the RV air conditioner are 965.8*808*180mm. The lower height basically does not affect the height limit of the vehicle, and also reduces the drag coefficient. The shell is made of injection-molded ABS polymer composite material, and the weight of the whole machine is only 30kg, which can reduce the pressure on the roof, make the whole vehicle lighter and reduce fuel consumption. The air conditioner can be powered by 12V DC, the maximum rated input power is 900-1200W, and the maximum rated input current is 75-80A. The original car battery can be easily used.


(3) In terms of structure, the domestic brushless fan is used, the overall stability is good, and it has a longer service life. The warranty period of more than 1 year allows you to avoid worries about the future.


(4) It has passed the safety certification of CE and E-MARK, and the guarantee is good.


(5) Strict vibration experiments are carried out according to vibration requirements, and it has excellent anti-seismic performance.


(6) Adopting the integrated design of driving and driving with frequency conversion technology, it realizes “one machine with two functions” and is specially used for RVs.


(7) The color accepts customized design, white and black and other exterior color can be selected.


(8) Effectively save electricity and reduce vehicle costs.


When you use the RV air conditioner to adjust the temperature, you can use the remote control to control the temperature, wind speed, switch, or manually adjust the temperature on the surface of the RV air conditioner. On the small screen on the surface of the RV air conditioner, it can display temperature, air volume and other information, and it can keep you in an environment with temperature problems anytime, anywhere. As we mentioned, a guaranteed RV air conditioner can not only effectively extend the service life, but also can be used when we travel. reliable partner. As a professional RV AC production experience supplier, KingClima has strong technical reserves and years of accumulated sales experience to provide the most professional services for users’ vehicle air conditioning needs.


If you are looking for a DC battery powered vehicle air conditioner, coolpro2800c air conditioner will be your best choice for your RV!

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