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What is A Refrigerated Truck

1. History of Refrigerated Truck


With the advent of freezing trucks and vessels in the middle of the 19th century, mobile freezing was born. Numero and Thermo King co-founder Frederick McKinley Jones developed a mobile mechanical freezer that is effective and efficient. Numero sold Cinema Supplies Inc. to RCA in 1938. This led to the creation of the United States. His company, Thermo Control, was formed (later Thermo King Co., Ltd.).


In 1940, Jones, an engineer, created and patented a portable air-cooling machine for trucks transporting fresh food. Jones’s idea has made long-distance delivery of perishables much easier. Since the early 1950s, we’ve been using this approach to preserve animal cells and tissues. Cold chain systems are needed in order to keep food safe and effective in the event that treatments for cancer become available. Our Immunization Demand has greatly increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This vehicle is still used for freight, but it is now also used for everyday commodities like yogurt, fruit juice, some vegetables, and some fruits.

The trucks are called “reefer” because they have a built-in cooling system that keeps them running cool. The refrigerated truck’s temperature can be changed to convey warmth to the cargo.


The temperature control features in the refrigerated truck make the refrigerator business challenges. You have this important information, including how the information functions, what the market for refrigerated containers is, and what the refrigerated truck driver needs to know. You must understand the mode. This book provides comprehensive answers to all of your frequently asked questions about refrigerated transportation, including their operation, characteristics, major advantages, and more.


2. How Does Refrigerated Trucking Work?


The operation of refrigerated transport is detailed below.


But first, let’s define a refrigerated car. Conventional tractor-trailers that are specifically designed for the delivery of perishable goods or goods that require temperature control for indoor ventilation and insulation are called refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trucks are very different from refrigerated trucks, which also have insulation and ventilation. The latter, with its active cooling system, can carry both frozen and refrigerated cargo.

A refrigerated truck compressor is driven by a small diesel engine. The compressor liquefies the gas, creating the effect of sucking in the gaseous refrigerant. The heating of the compressor housing by the liquefied gas moderately heats the truck. A similar heat exchange process takes place in the condenser as the radiator cools the engine.


Liquefied gas remains under pressure after losing most of its heat in the condenser. The pressurized liquid is forced from the condenser into the evaporator where it is cooled. The amount of refrigerant supplied to the evaporator is controlled by a throttle valve. There is always another rapidly rising refrigerant in the evaporator. It expands into a gas and causes the surroundings to absorb a lot of heat. This way the air in the trailer is first sent to the evaporator before entering the compressor.


Technically, it’s a cycle that goes on and on. This process helps cool the transporter and cool the material being transported. To maintain the quality during transport, refrigerated truck goods are usually stored in a pre-cooler prior to transport.



3. How Long Does a Reefer Trailer Last?


There is no easy solution to this. From a technical point of view, the service life of a refrigerated trailer is determined by the refrigeration unit itself. However, a reefer’s life expectancy is 40,000 hours or about 8 years, after which he is considered “old”.

In addition, refrigerated containers often operate continuously while cruising in hot regions to keep your belongings cool.



4. Can I Use My Reefer As a Dry Van?


Yes, the main advantage of refrigerated cars is that they can transport warm things even though they have a refrigeration system. Basically, dry, temperature-sensitive products can be shipped in refrigerated containers.


However, to ship your shipments effectively, you need to choose the shipping option that best suits your shipping needs. Of course, you have some options. The most popular are dry and refrigerated trucks. They are fundamentally different from each other.


A reefer truck transports perishable and temperature-sensitive commodities in a temperature-controlled refrigerated box, whereas a dry van transports loose, packaged, or palletized goods in fully enclosed semi-trailers.


5. What Type of Freight Ships in Refrigerated Trailers?


All items that could be harmed by extreme heat or cold are transported in a refrigerated trailer, which includes:

· Bulk liquids

· Flowers

· Hazardous materials

· Chewing gums

· Paint

· Pharmaceuticals, etc.


One example is a seafood restaurant that only serves fresh items. They will be required to transport freight using refrigerated trucks on a frequent basis in order to maintain a high degree of operational and product quality. Seafood spoils quickly, thus it must be served precisely to meet food safety laws. Such restaurants must be equipped with refrigerated freight to ensure the safe shipment of seafood directly from the fishing industry or from specialized suppliers.



6. Advantages of Reefer Trucking 

As previously said, the best-refrigerated vehicle for your organization will be determined by a number of factors. However, in order to make sound business judgments, you must consider both the benefits and drawbacks of refrigerated shipment. You should be aware of the benefits of refrigerated transportation, which are detailed below.

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