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Parking Air Conditioner’s Evaporator Freezing, What Should I Do?

Here are seven potential causes for the evaporator of your parked air conditioner to freeze (not cooling). After that, you might have a clearer idea of how to effectively utilize the truck air conditioner.


Causes and Solutions for Parking Air Conditioner Evaporator Freezing:


1. Truck air conditioner lack low refrigerant


Because there is not enough refrigerant, the semi-truck air conditioner will eventually leak owing to improper installation or prolonged operation.

The evaporation pressure is too low once the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is reduced, which causes the evaporator to freeze. The freezing usually occurs in the front part of the evaporator.

Fixing the leaky component first, then adding adequate refrigerant will solve the problem.

2. Reduced compressor compression efficiency


Low compressor efficiency, compressor failure due to prolonged usage, decreased compressor compression efficiency, or a broken compressor air distribution system can contribute to freezing pressure in parking truck air conditioners.


Solution: The icing position is also in the evaporator’s front section. By adding some refrigerant to the former, the problem can be fixed. Replace the compressor if the issue continues.

3. The truck air conditioner contains too much refrigerant


Because of leaks, displacement, and other issues, certain parking air conditioners need to be re-injected with refrigerant. Due to poor operation, the maintenance staff introduced too much refrigerant, which led it to flow to the evaporator and partially evaporate and freeze. This kind of ice is frequently observed around the compressor’s return pipe and in the back of the evaporator.

The problem can be fixed by draining the extra refrigerant.

4. Due to repeated use, the evaporator’s surface is unclean.


Dust in the air or microorganisms produced by the evaporator will gather on the evaporator after the parking air conditioner has been in operation for a while, obstructing airflow, reducing heat exchange, causing the evaporator temperature to drop too low, and causing it to freeze.

Solution: In this instance, the evaporator’s rear section is where the icing position is located. Once the ice has melted, rinse the evaporator with water and use a soft brush to clean the fins while being careful not to get any water on the electrical components. The flaw is fixed after cleaning.

5. The temperature of the parking air conditioner is too low.


The evaporator will also freeze if the air conditioner’s temperature setting is too low, the air conditioner’s cooling capacity is insufficient, the room temperature cannot fall below the set temperature, the air conditioner is on for an extended period of time, or the air conditioner shuts off quickly. The evaporator may potentially freeze in rooms with extremely low temperatures.

6. Poor thermostat contact


The temperature control malfunctions because the temperature probe is subpar or because it is mounted incorrectly. The mechanical thermostat’s contact action is driven by a change in the gas pressure of the temperature sensor, which is affected by changes in temperature. The contacts are typically closed and the air conditioner is continuously turned on, which causes icing due to contact adhesion, lack of spring flexibility, etc.

Troubleshoot and replace the thermostat with a new one as a solution.

7. Low air volume is a result of the fan blades being covered in dirt.


The internal unit’s air volume and air volume are both minimal. Once the parking air conditioner has been in use for a while, parts of the fan blades get heavily scaled, affecting the air supply and causing the evaporator to freeze. Scale removal and troubleshooting.

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