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Why Mobile Cold Rooms Are Popular In Foodservice?

A mobile cold room can be a great solution for businesses as it provides additional storage space without the need to invest in additional physical space. Mobile cold rooms can be a valuable part of your business, helping to keep your products cool and safe.
Cold rooms are a necessary part of many organizations including restaurants, catering, event organizers, and convenience stores. There are many options for storing food at cold temperatures, from freezers to doorless refrigerators. However, have you ever thought about using a mobile cold room or a frozen room to meet your work needs?
A portable cold room is a great investment for businesses that operate in environments with fluctuating temperatures, such as the catering business. Mobile cold rooms keep food and drink cool and safe, so customers can enjoy their products without having to wait. In addition, mobile cold rooms can help businesses reduce damage-related costs, such as lost revenue and damaged products. Many businesses want a consistent brand message to attract customers. Creating a unique brand identity is essential for success in the publishing industry. A cold room is required so that the product does not deteriorate during storage.

1. Mobile cold rooms are Convenient

The main advantage of taking a break is the obvious choice. Moving cold rooms is really unique and fun. With this cooler, you can keep your food and drinks cool wherever you are! It’s perfect for special occasions like weddings or markets where you need to keep your merchandise cool.
Whether you choose to use a mobile cold room or not, it is easy to move when needed. You just attach it to your car and you’re good to go. When you arrive, all you have to do is plug in the portable cooler and you’re done!

2. Mobile cold rooms are versatile

Portable cold rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, for starters. They are not only used by food service providers and event organizers. Portable cold rooms can also be used for a variety of professional and social occasions, including home or work parties, music festivals, weddings, and even portable blood storage. The only thing that limits its applications is your needs.

3. Mobile cold rooms are affordable

Now, you might think that all these cold storage qualities are out of your price range, but it really isn’t. In fact, you can start storing your items in the cold room for relatively little money. Mobile cold rooms are truly a cost-effective option as you do not have the costs associated with installing and operating a fixed-structure cold storage solution. If you are interested in portable cold rooms or freezers, ask us for a quote today.

4. Temperature Control

Keeping food or drinks cold is important to keep them fresh and delicious. With a mobile cold room, you can easily adjust the temperature as you like and keep the goods at a stable temperature to avoid damage. If you are looking for a portable and reliable cold storage solution, Kleer Cold Room Hire could be a great choice. We offer a wide range of options to meet your needs, and our staff is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to storage solutions. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service. Don’t plan on using a friendlier place.

5. Cold Storage Solution Can Help Restaurants and Pubs:


 (1) Improve food hygiene and quality

Although there are many benefits to investing in cold storage, it is possible that the enhancement of food quality and hygiene is the most significant.
Cold storage units, regardless of size, are built to be heavily used frequently. This implies that they can rapidly and precisely return to their pre-set temperature even if they are continuously opened during the day.
Domestic refrigeration units are not made for heavy use, which makes it difficult for them to quickly reduce the temperature of food and drink to a safe level and frequently results in major fluctuations.
All food products must be frozen at a temperature of -18 ℃ or lower and chilled to a temperature of no more than 8 ℃(aiming for 5 ℃). Above this temperature, bacterial contamination can occur in a very short period of time. This implies that you could still be breaking the law and serving tainted food to your consumers even if the temperature of your present refrigeration unit goes below the allowed degree and then increases again.
Commercial cold storage may also significantly increase food quality, which is another area that can be greatly improved. Your food’s overall quality is influenced by its texture, taste, appearance, and nutritional content; storing it at the proper temperature will considerably improve these problem areas. Maintaining food quality requires reducing deterioration, which is simple with temperature-controlled cold storage.

 (2) Take control of produce supplies

A cold storage solution is a great method for bars and restaurants to take control of their inventory and start operating their businesses how they see fit. If your company is one of the many that receives pre-made, pre-packaged food, you are aware of the potential costs and quality issues.
By investing in cold storage, you can bring your product in-house, which will reduce expenses over time and enable you to give your clients a fresher and more varied menu. As more customers seek wholesome, freshly prepared meals when dining out, restaurants and pubs must find economical solutions to meet this need..
Additionally, because you can see the costs upfront, bringing produce in-house might help you control your expenses more effectively. You will not only save money by doing this, but you can also better plan your future profit projections.


 (3) Cut down on food and energy waste

Both at home and in the food and beverage sector, food waste is a major issue. Each year, incorrectly stored produce costs individual businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue, but this doesn’t have to be the case.
Simply by removing issues like temperature fluctuation and shoddy door seals that you could encounter with residential refrigerators, temperature-regulated refrigeration reduces food waste. As long as the product is rapidly and properly stored in a professional cold store unit, the efficiency is sufficient to keep both raw and cooked produce fresher for longer.
Because it doesn’t need to work as hard, cold storage is also stronger and more energy-efficient than household refrigeration. You’ll probably go through a lot of domestic refrigerators over the years, which can be costly and time-consuming for your business. If you go to commercial refrigeration, you probably won’t need more than one unit for many years.
Food preservation is becoming easier than ever thanks to temperature-controlled units, which are part of the daily improvement and evolution of commercial refrigeration solutions. It’s getting harder and harder to waste food thanks to cutting-edge cooling systems and low energy usage.
A cold storage unit is a wise investment that can increase profitability and broaden your business opportunities if you’re serious about the quality of your food.

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