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Application of Parking Air Conditioner

Summer is slowly approaching, and the escape from the heat is imminent. Many truck drivers have begun to consider that when we are driving on the road, we can also use onboard air conditioners for cooling, but what should we do when parking? Then only use the parking air conditioner, which not only has a good cooling effect but also saves money. A parking air conditioner is an air conditioner that can work on a battery even when parking. Compared with traditional car air conditioners, parking air conditioners do not need to rely on the power of the vehicle engine, which can greatly save fuel and be environmentally friendly.

The parking air conditioner is matched with trucks, trucks, special vehicles, and construction machinery vehicles, which can solve the problem that the original onboard air conditioners cannot be used when trucks, trucks, special vehicles, and construction machinery vehicles are parked. The use of DC24V on-board battery to supply power to the parking air conditioner, without the need for generator equipment; the refrigeration system uses safe and environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant as the refrigerant, therefore, the parking air conditioner is a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric drive air conditioner.

The parking air conditioner is divided into the split type and integrated type according to the main structure. The split type is divided into split backpack type and split top type. According to whether frequency conversion can be divided into fixed frequency parking air conditioners and frequency conversion parking air conditioners.


The market is dominated by heavy trucks for long-distance transportation, auto parts cities, and after-installation of maintenance plants. In the future, it will expand into the engineering field of loading and unloading trucks, and at the same time expand the truck front-loading market, which has broad application development prospects. Aiming at the complex application scenarios of parking air conditioners, Kingclima AC relied on its strong scientific research capabilities to develop a more complete laboratory test environment, covering a number of laboratory test items including vibration, mechanical shock, and noise.

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