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Application of Electric Parking Air Conditioner on A Small Truck

We are about to usher in the summer of 2022, and air conditioners are about to become a must-have item. Recently, many customers have chosen Kingclima’s vehicle air conditioners. Since its establishment, Kingclima has been focusing on full DC inverter air conditioners for vehicles, professional R&D and manufacturing. The vehicle air conditioner adopts the strict quality management method in line with Germany and Japan, has many patented technologies of vehicle full DC inverter air conditioner and has obtained the EU CE certification at the same time.


Today, we will introduce the E-clima2200 top-mounted electric air conditioner in the E-clima series developed by Kingclima, which is one of the high-quality models. E-clima2200 can meet more needs and choices of users, applicable fields: trucks, heavy trucks, light trucks, RVs, tractors, construction machinery, yachts, etc.

E-clima2200 DC inverter air conditioner has passed strict vibration test, aging test, life test, high and low temperature alternating test, and also passed many strict tests such as waterproof level IPX7 test. It can be used for many years without fading and deformation, with the same appearance, long-term safety and stability, and low-noise operation. E-clima2200 vehicle DC inverter air conditioner can adapt to various harsh road conditions and environments, and meet the conditions of vehicle use. Whether it is driving or parking, it can be used with peace of mind, saving money and worry with one machine.



E-clima2200 vehicle full DC inverter air conditioner 12V 24V parameter information:

Rated input voltage: 12VDC/24V DC

Rated maximum input power: 600W – 860W

Rated relatively large input current: 30.5A

Rated relatively large cooling capacity: 2200W/7480BTU

Refrigerant type: R134a

Weight: 32kg

Temperature range: 18-28℃

Product size: 700*580*263mm (length * width * height)



Kingclima is a professional vehicle cooling solution provider. We offer refrigeration unit and air conditioner for trucks, vans, trailers, and RVs. Being a leading manufacturer of vehicle referigeration unit and AC unit, Kingclima has dived into the industry for 20 years. Trucst Kingclima, follow the market trend, make perfect cooling solution.
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