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Engine Driven Air Conditioner Used in Agricultural Machinary

On 14th,  August 2020, we received an inquiry from Romania, customer is trying to find a cooling solution for his tractor cab. The customer also mentioned the delivery date, as he want to receive it as faster as possible.

Inquiry content is as below:

KK-50 air conditioner is in mono-block truck ac unit and it is driven by the engine, whose cooling capacity is 5000W/17000BTU, suitable for truck cabs, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. KK-50 Can meet customer’s requirements for tractor cab cooling.

Main features of KK-50 truck cab air conditioner:

  1. Direct engine-driven, with 5kw cooling capacity;
  2. Iron shell, robust construction, suitable for under special vehicles;
  3. Anti-vibration and anti-dust, suitable for the harsh environments;
  4. Working well in ambient temperature 50℃+;
  5. Large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, cool your cab within a few minutes;


Technical of KK-50 Cab Air Conditioner

Model KK-50
Cooling Capacity 5000W/17000BTU
Voltage DC12V/24V
Driven Type Vehicle Engine Driven
Condenser Type Copper Pipe and Aluminum Foil Fin
Fan Qty 2
Air Flow Volume 680m³/h
Evaporator Type Copper Pipe and Aluminum Foil Fin
Blower Qty 1
Air Flow Volume 850m³/h
Evaporator Blower Double Axle and Centrifugal Flow
Condenser Fan Axial Flow
Compressor 5H14, 138cc/r
Refrigerant R134a, 1.1KG
Mounting Type Integrated and rooftop-mounted
Dimensions (mm) Evaporator 755*745*190


KK50 is a traditional engine-driven electric air conditioner, so we need to confirm the specific information of the compressor to the customer: the groove type of the clutch. As the customer did not understand this aspect, so we asked the customer to take a photo, and then our technician provided advice to the customer. We solved these questions successfully.

We focused on the production after confirming the order. In order to meet the customer’s delivery date, we prioritized the customer’s order and delivered the truck air conditioners as soon as possible, these photos were taken during the production:


KK50 is packed in thick corrugated paper cartons, and foam filler is inserted in the cartons to prevent damage. Our package includes all relevant accessories, customers do not need to buy accessories after receiving their air conditioner.

Shipped by courier, the customer received the product 5 days later and installed it immediately.

Installation site:

Installation feedbacks:

Finally, we received installation photos from customers and the customer spoke highly of our KK-50 truck cab air conditioner.

Below are the photos.

On 5, November 2021 we received the customer’s repeat order for 10 sets of KK-50.

Transported by sea, this batch of air conditioners will be delivered within 20 days.


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