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Kingclima B-100C pure electric fresh-keeping unit was exported to electric tricycle factory

The customer owns a small electric tricycle factory. These tricycle carriages have 1 cubic meter to pull refrigerated medicines. The temperature requires 15 degrees.


According to customer requirements, we recommend the B-100C pure electric fresh-keeping unit. We can do DC 12/24/48/60v for this unit.


The refrigeration capacity is 500-1000W, using parallel flow condenser core, copper tube aluminum evaporator core, one-piece structure, about 35KG, light and small, easy to install.


The B-100C unit also has the following characteristics:

  • Full electric refrigeration units,DC12V-DC72Vare optional
  • QuickInstallation, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost
  • Fulldigital control, easy to operate
  • DCpowered driven (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V etc.)
  • Greenand Environmental


We also have a pure electric refrigeration refrigeration unit B-100, which is suitable for 1 cubic meter of carriage and can reach -18°C.


In addition, for the B series, we also have pure electric refrigeration units B-150 and B-150c suitable for pickup and van,

Among them, the B-100 refrigeration refrigeration unit is suitable for 3-5 squares, and the temperature is -18℃. B-100C is suitable for 7 squares and the temperature is 0℃.


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