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Kingclima truck reefer unit K-460 was exported to Southeast Asia


Customers come from Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is located near the equator, with low latitude, hot all year round, and the annual temperature is between 25℃-30℃. The customer purchases the K-460 truck refrigeration unit to transport red wine. The temperature requirement is 21°C.


The customer has been using the Carrier 350 unit before. Our K-460 cooler unit can completely replace the Carrier 350 and has a larger cooling capacity than the Carrier 350.


Kingclima K-460 truck freezer unit is in split structure and driven by the vehicle engine. It is especially designed for the medium or big trucks with 15~20m³volume size or 5.2 meter length truck body to keep temperature range from -18℃ to +15℃.


With R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant, super slim evaporators, aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils in condenser and aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube in evaporator, the heat dissipation rate can be increased by 30%, that is to say, it has a best cooling performance, even in the high ambient temperature, the big cooling capacity is up to 3980W.


After the customer received the goods, it was successfully installed on the truck. The K-460 transport unit was front install. The customer feedback that the installation is very simple and the cooling effect is very good. It can not only meet the customer’s demand for wine preservation, but also meet the needs for transporting frozen products. And the exterior design is very good-looking, and the customer is very satisfied with it.


In addition, the K-460 refrigerated unit also has an optional electric standby system AC 220V/380V to meet the cooling needs of customers when their vehicle parked.


Kingclima is a professional vehicle cooling solution provider. We offer refrigeration unit and air conditioner for trucks, vans, trailers, and RVs. Being a leading manufacturer of vehicle referigeration unit and AC unit, Kingclima has dived into the industry for 20 years. Trucst Kingclima, follow the market trend, make perfect cooling solution.
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