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Kingclima Truck Reefer Unit was Exported to Maldives

The customer is from the Maldives and is engaged in fish and seafood transportation. The customer’s truck is 9 square meters and the temperature requirement is 0 degrees. Used to transport live fish.


What we recommend to our customers is our smallest direct drive chiller unit K-260C chiller unit, R134A refrigerant, cooling capacity 1700W, the temperature inside the box can reach -5℃ ~ +15℃. DC12V/24V is optional. For of 5~10m³trucks box.


The K-260C unit also has the following characteristics: -Multi-function controller with microprocessor control system

-The units with CPR valve will better protect compressors, especially in extremely hot or cold place.

– Adopt Eco-friendly refrigerant: R134a

– The Hot gas defrosting system with Auto and manual is available for your choices

-Rooftop mounted unit and slim evaporator design

-Strong refrigeration,cooling fast with short time


Our customer successfully installed it after receiving the goods. The customer said that the installation of this unit is simple and the maintenance cost is relatively low. It meets his needs.


All of our K series units can be equipped with a backup power system. Meet the cooling needs of customers when they are parking.


Kingclima is a professional vehicle cooling solution provider. We offer refrigeration unit and air conditioner for trucks, vans, trailers, and RVs. Being a leading manufacturer of vehicle referigeration unit and AC unit, Kingclima has dived into the industry for 20 years. Trucst Kingclima, follow the market trend, make perfect cooling solution.
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