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RV Air Conditioner make your trip more Cool!

Inside the window is the unchanging home, and outside the window is the ever-changing scenery. Bring your family or friends on an RV trip that just walks away and is comfortable and happy! In the four seasons of China, where the heating and cooling are changing at any time, the necessity for RV air conditioners has become apparent.

Today, Kingclima team will introduce you to those things about RV air-conditioning, so that you can fully understand RV air-conditioning and have the perfect RV travel.


Choice 1: Electric air conditioner DC 12V/24V(Model—Eclima-3000)



Key features:

  1. When in use, it can be started with a 12-volt motorhome power supply, which means that the air conditioner is also used when the engine is started.
  2. 3KW/10200 BTU cooling capacity, enough for a small RV to use, DC 24V model, we have an additional heating function.
  3. The top-mounted air conditioner is easier to replace and repair than the bottom-mounted air conditioner, and the cost is lower
  4. 2 years warranty.



Choice 2:AC 220V/50Hz A/C(Model–Ucooler 3300)


Key features:

  1. Roof mounted type, easy installation with strong power cooling fan
  2. Low-profile(only 256mm), stable operation, good noise level, lighter weight, smaller chassis
  3. Cooling Capacity: 12000BTU; Heat Pump Capacity: 12500BTU; working voltage 220-240V/50Hz
  4. Environment-friendly R410a refrigerants





Choice 3: Under-Bench A/C(Model–Ucooler 2500)


Key features:

  1. Concealed Installation under bench,sofa,bed or cupboard,etc. The invisible outdoor unit, reserving the caravan’s facade.
  2. The device has three air outlets, which can be evenly distributed to different areas of the vehicle, without the need to change the structure of the car box like the overhead air conditioner. As the heat rises, bottom-mounted air conditioners can obtain a better heating effect than overhead air conditioners. The hot and cold switch and the temperature can be realized by the operation of the remote control.
  3. Outdoor air circulation through the floor or the wall; no noise problem troubling neighbors via the floor.



Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. The Roof-mounted air conditioner is easier to replace and repair than the bottom-mounted air conditioner, and the cost is lower, but the indoor unit is on the top of the RV, which will bring corresponding noise. The bottom air conditioner is generally hidden under the bed in the RV or the bottom of the card seat sofa. What we can see is an air outlet. The air outlet ducts are all hidden in the compartment, so the installation is more complicated and the overall cost is higher. However, the overall noise is relatively small, and the cold air can be quickly transported to various areas through the pipeline, which can achieve a rapid cooling effect.
  2. Although 12V and 24V parking air conditioners use electricity more safely, they require a lot of current and require very high battery capacity. The 220V parking air conditioner can be connected to the mains when parking in the camp, but in the absence of an external power supply, it can rely on a large-capacity battery and inverter for a short time, and it needs to be used with a generator for a long time.


I believe that after our introduction, everyone has a clearer understanding of the air conditioning classification of RVs. As for how to choose, it is a matter of opinion. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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