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E-Clima 2200 DC Powered Air Conditioner

Voltage: 12v/24v
Cooling capacity: 2200w/7600 BTU
Power: 600w-860w
Evaporator blower air vol.: 650m³/h
Condenser fan air vol.: 1050m³/h

Product Introduction


◆ Adjustable cooling capacity;

◆ Use environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant;

◆ Remote control, combined with manual;

◆ Optional electric heating function; adjustable heating power;

◆ One-piece unit; rooftop mounted or back wall mounted;

◆ Heat pump, high efficiency and lightweight;

◆ Compressor: driven by brushless DC motor, with adjustable rotate speed;

◆ Brush-less evaporator blower and condenser fan, long lifetime, lower power consumption;

◆ Special for Ford, Renault, IVECO, etc vans; RV, tractor, construction machinery, truck cabs, etc.



Technical data:

Model E-clima2200
Voltage 12v/24v
Cooling capacity 2200w/7600 BTU
Power 600w-860w
Compressor model: rotary compressor
Compressor displacement 18cc/r
Compressor rotate speed 1500-4500rpm
Evaporator blower air vol. 650m³/h
Condenser fan air vol. 1050m³/h
Refrigerant/volume R134a/330g
Dimensions 700*580*263mm
Cut off size 32kg
Weight 32kg
Vehicle applications all trucks,construction machinery,tractor etc.



Outlook Sketch:


Installation case:

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