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K-260RS Integrated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Unit

Model: K-260RS
Driven Type: Truck engine drive unit with electric standby
Application: 6-11m³box of truck
Refrigerant: R404a
Installation: Top mounting

Product Introduction



TruckFrigo Integrated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration System 

Truckfrigo as the truck reefer units suppliers and manufacturer can supply all kinds of truck refrigeration systems, the integrated electric standby truck refrigeration system is our main new product. It is the truck refrigeration units that its standby system and condenser integrate into one piece, that is to say, the electric compressor is in the condenser, and the standby system is in the electric compressor.
Compared with the traditional truck refrigeration units equipped with a standby system, the integrated standby units have the advantage of easy installation. Customers don’t need to install the standby system under the truck chassis, so it makes the whole truck refrigeration unit beautiful, compact and concise.


Features of TruckFrigo Integrated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units
◆It is very easy to install, the standby system is on the internal side of the condenser, so it can decrease the wire installation.
◆ Save the installation space, small in size, beautiful appearance.
◆ After thousands of times of testing in the lab make it has a reliable working performance.
◆ Vehicle engine or standby system models for choice.
◆ Decrease fuel consumption and save transportation costs.



Model K-260RS K-360RS
Container temperature -18℃~+25℃(
Road cooling capacity(W) 2050W(0℃) 3070W(0℃)
1150W(-18℃) 1560W(-18℃)
Standby capacity (W) 1980W(0℃) 2850W(0℃)
1020W(-18℃) 1590W(-18℃)
Container volume(m3) 10m3( 0℃)
16m3( 0℃)
Voltage & Total Current DC12V(25A) DC24V(13A)
DC12V(38A) DC24V(22A)
Road Compressor 5S11(108cc/r) 5S14(138cc/r)
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