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KF20 Refrigeration Units For Small Trailer

Cooling capacity:2540W
Volume supply:12-15m³
Net Weight:76Kg
Temperature Range:(-20 to +10)°C

Product Introduction

KINGCLIMA K series is a refrigeration unit specially designed for small refrigerated trailers.The temperature control range is from -25°C to 10°C.It is suitable for trailers from 8ft to 24ft in size,what is different from the traditional refrigeration unit is that the K series is an refrigerated unit, the condenser and evaporator are all together. this design simplifies the installation method and saves the space in the box. At the same time,in order to make the operation easier for users, we have used CAREL controller, so that users can control and monitor the temperature change of the unit through the Bluetooth connection of their mobile phones.

MODEL : KF20 Parameter
COMPRESSOR Cooling Capacity A.T.P.U.N. Stand
(@40°C ambient)
Volume Supply Defrosting Net Weight Temperature Range Protection Class
DSH356LV(35.6ml/rev) 3100W 12-15m³ 1980W 76kg (-20 to +10)°C 54IP
Power consuption Refrigrant Frequency Current Consumption


Current Consumption
Evaporator blower
flow rate
(@0 static,pressure)
Condenser blower
flow rate
(@0 static,pressure)
2540W R448a/1.2KG AC220V-230V/50HZ/Single Phase 50A 9.9A 1100m³ 1000m³

Features, Advantages, and Benefits:

(1) High efficiency and environmental protection:

-Small size,light weight,fuel saving;

-Fast cooling,quickly recover the set temperature after opening and closing the door;

-Use environment-friendly refrigerant to reduce the impact on the environment;

-Professional system design and regulation to solve the problem of cooling capacity in low temperature section;

-Patented control logic ensures accurate temperature control in the box;

(2) Safe and reliable:

-More stable operation with AC power;

-The main spare parts have passed the industry’s highest testing standards;

-The overall structural frame of the unit has passed the vibration test and is more stable;

-Multiple power switches and relays are used to protect electrical appliances.One a local fault occurs,the protection mode will be started;

(3) Intelligent Control:

-Multiple alarm,convenient human-computer interface which make operation and maintenance more easily;

-Precise temperature control,display accuracy of 0.1°C, optimize defrosting logic, and solve the frost problem under high humidity conditions.


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